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This is a template for a deck box sized for 100 single sleeved cards (sleeves in photos are Dragon Shield). I designed this box to mirror the same size Wizards includes in precon commander decks.

Once you download these files, they are yours for unlimited box making (for personal use only please).

High use areas like the top flap and “thumb cut” are rounded to help prevent wear and tear that a squared edge might be prone to.

Solid lines indicate cut, dashed lines indicate fold (can be used for visual aid or cutting machine use)
After folding, the box will need to be glued or taped at the “seams” (at bottom and rear edge).

The files included are .pdf, .dxf and word for both designs (blank and PlanesWalker icon). The .dxf file is included for cutting machine use.

The outline should be printed at 100% scale.

My logo is included on a bottom flap but can be hidden if folded “inside out” or deleted from the file if you have the editing capabilities.

If for any reason, your sleeves have issues fitting, just let me know and I’ll be happy to adjust the file as needed.
Custom box sizes are available upon request. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

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